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You find links to labels, bands, lists of bands, portals and communities ...
Everything about and round about the theme music.

Independent record label and sound carrier sale which
places great demands on novelty away from mainstream.
Cosmic Wasteland

Homepage of a brilliant German doom metal band.

You will find over 14000 bands on this page,
in addition to concerts, festivals and locations.

You will find bands, gigs, articles, festivals, contests,
workshops, news and themes about musical laws.

Band list with magazine and merchandise shop.

The online catalogue of the event field.

Online portal and list of links for newcomer bands..

Portal for gothic and industrial culture.
Neue Bands

Homepage to support newcomer bands,
inclusive awards.

List with a lot of music pages of the German speaking regions.
From bands to musical theory, you find everything there.
Legal Musik downloaden

You find new offers, specials and bargains from the music
and listening-book sector on this page. Additionally you get
to know backgrounds of
Portal for newcomer bands.
Everything about guitars, basses and equipment,
with manual and price comparison.
List of German bands.
Big list of bands where
bands and organizers find each others.
Everything about Gothic -
beginning with Lifestyle over Films, Music and Books to the Forum -
here you can collect or spread information.