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album cover: Ausflug ins Verderben
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Ausflug ins Verderben
(Journey to doom)
The fourth-year-pupils of an elementary school and their teachers are on a tour to the woods to identify plants and to stay there overnight. They spend the evening together at their resting place and listen to their classmate telling a horror story, which, apparently, has happened in this forest. Thinking of nothing bad, they go to sleep. But it should become a night of horror. A pupil is awakened by spooky sounds. Suddenly a shabby man stands before her and drops the mutilated head of another classmate. And to make things even worse, the teachers have vanished without a trace. The children start to seek and they are attacked by the eerie man, who bites and kidnaps one of them. The rest of the group tries to find their friend and save him. So they reach a lonely hut, where the malicious man has already put on the pot to cook the living child. But this is not the only surprise waiting for the children. There, they also meet their teacher. And he turns out to be a bloodthirsty cannibal, too.