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We have made a long technical and musical journey and not every album can be presented the public. But these albums are an important part of our band history and that is why we mention them nevertheless.


(Year: 2010)

A human, hated and avoided of his environment, becomes “Eisheilig” - his heart and the world he lives in turn to ice and the only thing still burning deep inside is yearning for warmth and love.

He finds them, but they cannot last in his world and so the last glow in his soul dies and the coldness and his hate are turning against his torturers. In his fantasy his apocalypse befalls the world, but his price to pay is very high.

This CD was almost complete authorised by Glöckchen, so the sound became very different from the older once. Less darkly, but of a monotone melancholy. This was the first time for us working with analogue synthesizers in addition to our digital synths.

In our opinion, some songs unfortunately do not reach the perfection of others. Nevertheless, on the whole, we think X is a good album.

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