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We have made a long technical and musical journey and not every album can be presented the public. But these albums are an important part of our band history and that is why we mention them nevertheless.

Darkly New Year

(Year: 2015)

The approaching darkness is falling over slowly and silently and the old year is drawing persistently to its end. A magic night begins, which unites the anticipation's shine and splendour of the new gates, which will open soon, with the nameless fear of the things, which are waiting behind them.

Just as a magician performs unbelievable feats with his tricks, everybody knows his own knacks to run the coming year despite its dark sides. But, for the moment, the time seems to stand still and, as if you are caught in a time warp, you believe that the waiting for the new year would last endlessly and never past. And the hope is arising softly in us, that the gates would stay closed to exclude the dark man behind the mask forever from our world, who will follow us with a song feigning happiness and security on his lips.

But, nevertheless, the fear and the screams fall silent when, at last, the time has come. The sky begins to burn and thousands upon thousands of stars raining down on us surround us. And as suddenly the wheel of time turns again, we are dancing happily and expectantly in this sparkling New Year, which is opening its locked doors for us.

But as fast as the light came, the colours fade and, suddenly, darkness falls over us again and leaves us behind lonely and isolated as someone in a snow-covered hotel faraway off civilisation who looks towards the slowly and hissingly approaching Wendigo. But shortly before we are taken and dragged by him in his eternal realm of shadows, where he threatens to devour us, we are overcame by a narcotic tiredness and, at last, we find relieving sleep in the middle of thousands of colourful sparkling lights.

But which things are awaiting us there, in the reign of dreams? Are they not the same feelings of expectant happiness and infernal terror, which we went through in our waking state on New Year's Eve? They are, because the gates are open...

album cover: Darkly New Year

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