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Dr. Dan

Die Biomechanik -
Dr. Dan and Glöckchen are inviting to a journey...

... a journey to the gloomy and confused world of thoughts of tortured souls.

A story hides behind each album, either invented by us or inspired of one or some figures of the past - famous writers, philosophers, artists and freethinkers.

Firstly, we create artistic lyrics from own or investigated thoughts, which become to musically pictures through the setting to music, telling of sensitive, feeling or irascible humans, of threats and strokes of fate.

As the music follows the story without being squeezed in usual song forms, every album has its own, varied style usually somewhere between classical gothic, dark wave, darkly electro and psychedelic, but also mixed with echoes of other styles like classical music or medieval. This wide varied musical horizon was brought forward through experiences we gained in big bands, a salsa and a medieval playing group, even if this styles will be found little or even will not be found.

That is the way how experimental music played on synthesizers, sequencers, keyboards, e-guitars and flutes is created in our studio. We willful relinquish the use of samplers and count on handmade synthesizer work.

Our band was founded in 1998 by Dr. Dan and consists since 2006 of Dr. Dan and Glöckchen. Lyrics and music are written, worked out and realized by ourselves. But we also take all other important jobs round around, for example the graphical design. Like this every album becomes its own unity within the context of the whole concept.

Our music is directed at everybody, who is interested in art and culture, who likes taking a seat to listen to a CD, who wants to open his mind and be escorted by the music to another world.

Close your eyes, be carried away and arouse the stories in your imagination to new life.

The past will arise once again, will melt together with the presence and will make you feel all pain and terror, which drag on, not new and not old, too, unchanged through all times.


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