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We have made a long technical and musical journey and not every album can be presented the public. But these albums are an important part of our band history and that is why we mention them nevertheless.

Through the realm of eternal darkness

(Year: 2012)

This album carries you to the unknown depths under the earth, through narrow rock corridors and enormous halls, over dangerous chasms and glittering lakes, down deeper and deeper, further and further away of civilization.
The sun will never see, what lies hidden there. And in this completely darkness a beam of a lamp touches the strangest works of art, nature began to create eons ago.

Our journey is dangerous and long and sometimes we have to be very carefully not to endanger us or this wonderful place.
Even if stone seems undestroyable, it can be as filigree and fragile as a human soul.

With this pure instrumental album we take you on a journey to a wonderful, dangerous and unknown world. We want to enchant you and show you the beauty of nature, so that everyone learns to love her marvels and tries to preserve them.
As an example for the magical beauty of nature, we took the cave driving as theme for this album, because we sacrifice a lot of our leisure for speleology and so we are especially bound to that subterranean world.

This album was a present to download between 1.10.12 and 6.1.12.
Whether there will be any further publication is still written in the stars.

album cover: Through the realm of eternal darkness

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