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We have made a long technical and musical journey and not every album can be presented the public. But these albums are an important part of our band history and that is why we mention them nevertheless.

Amour sans Mort

(Year: 2007)

Love is immortal!
We tell a tragic lovestorie of a female vampire, who falls in love with a human. But this love demands its blood toll.

To stay with her for all the time, he has to make a fatal decision. He regrets it soon. But true love cannot die and so there is only one way left for them and their love for eternity.

Authorised almost completely by Glöckchen and based on an idea, we already tried to realize with our former medieval band, our second opera was created. There is often a medieval touch, but always in an electronical manner.

Technically we had upgraded for this cd, but still it was not enough for standard cd qualitiy.

album cover: Amour sans mort

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