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a psychedelic dark-wave opera
(Year: 2010)

This album is a free, artistic interpretation of the incidences, which happened between April and June of the year 1816 to a small group of poets in the villa Diodati at Lake Geneva.

It portrays a musically pictured journey through the spoilt summer, where thunderstorms were raging, and through the souls of the protagonists, which were overtaken after years by an awful fate.

Lord Byron, who lived exiled in Suisse with his personal physician Dr. Polidori during this time, welcomed Mary Godwin, Percey Shelley und Claire Clairemont to nights born from nightmares.

Out of their competition in writing ghost stories there walked two bogeys still living in the fantasy of human beings: The Vampire and Frankenstein's monster.

For the work on our second opera we used for the first time almost only analog synthesizers. That is how we created a spooky, bizarre and extremely gloomy and dark atmosphere.

Length: 144 min.

Albumcover: 1816

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