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Summer/Autum 2017

We hope you like our new music video variations.

Unfortunately, we have to confess there is not much to tell about our band.
Once again, things are going to change completely. Maybe our web pages will not be online for a short time, or orders in our online shop cannot be delivered immediately...

We are moving to another town. And I guess, most of you know, problems might be bigger than we thought of in the beginning.
Nevertheless, we hope that everything will be running smoothly.

As soon as everything is finished, we will resume the band work.
And we have already some ideas about a redesigned and, hopefully, more structured and lucid homepage, our album is waiting for the audio mixing, some video ideas are spooking in the backs of our heads...

So, do not worry, if you have to wait for the next news. It still goes on!

We wish you a merry time and a gloomy Halloween.

March 2017

Slightly late, we wish you a happy New Year.
We want to thank you for your patience and loyalty and so we have produced a video to
„Sky on fire”
from our New Year's eve album
Darkly New Year
for you.

Furthermore, we filled our youtube profile.
Those who have occupied themself intensivly with the music on our homepage already know the songs.
But it is worthwhile to look, if you like watching moving images while you are listening to music.
We will work on other videos and on the mixdown of our mystirious new album.

We hope to rewelcome you from time to time and that you still enjoy yourself by listening to music.

music video: Sky on fire

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