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Merry Christmas

December 2014

We thank everybody very cordially,
who has supported us again, this year, and,
of course, also our fans.

We wish all of you a wonderful Christmas
and a happy new year.

November 2014

We are very happy about the support of
Best Music Talent
and wish to thank them therefore very cordially,
especially for taking part at
“BMT dark files”,
a radio show with dark music.
You'll get to know, when the show will be on air,
as soon as possible, either here or on BMT.

Die Biomechanik on BMT Radio

album cover: Orange

October 2014

We almost reached the end of our band history.
Attentive readers know that, besides the album “Orange„, songs of our fist album trilogy “Die Biomechanik” are missing. But the quality of the recordings is far from being acceptable and we are not sure, if we manage to revalue the bad source material so well, that we think it is presentable.
So, at first, we are happy to present four songs of our Album
from the year 2007. An Album, which is thematically very close at our first Trilogy, but musically we managed to move a large step forward.
The songs are found in our music rubric.
Information about the albums are found in the description of our works.
We hope you liked our time travelling and you enjoy listening once more.

September 2014

Before we approach the end of our time travelling, we first have to announce something different:
This month, we are on the latest
Orkus Compilation 102, this time with
„Das Empfinden”.
Everyone, who likes this song, can vote for it and take part in a raffle.
You find the information on the Orkus Homepage.
To get to the right mood, you may first watch our
music video once again.

music video: Das Empfinden

album cover: Amour sans mort

July 2014

Shortly before our summer holiday, we want to keep you once more up to date.
As already mentioned, we are still working at our new album. By now, we have finished a large part, but it will still take some time, until it is completed, because the album is getting rather long, again.
We were very happy about the great evaluations on
my own music and because of our song “Eisheilig” of the Album „X” becoming an editors recommendation.
While we are on this subject, we want to take the opportunity to thank very, very cordially all the others for their evaluations, too.
Furthermore, a request surprised us pleasantely. Unfortunately, it failed because of financial obstacles, but we had almost played in an international movie. Best regards to the team of “Bohemian Entertainment”, we wish you a successful shooting and we hope, that we nevertheless might get a chance to work together in the future.
But now, we spent enough time with the presence an the future, even though we promised you a journey into past.
This month we present four songs of our unreleased album
„Amour sans mort”
from the year 2007.
The songs are found in our music rubric.
Information about the albums are found in the description of our works.
We hope you enjoy listening.

June 2014

We continue our journey backward through the time and present some songs of our unreleased album
from the year 2010.
The other songs of our time travelling are found in our
music rubric
and information about the albums in the description of
our works.
We hope you enjoy listening.

album cover: X

album cover: Through the realm of eternal darkness

May 2014

On the occasion of our 15th band anniversary we are going to travel with you through our band history.
During the next months, we are going to take you into our past through songs of our unreleased albums.
Today we start with our newest album, the EP
“Through the realm of eternal darkness”
from the year 2012.
You find the songs in our music rubric
and information about the albums in the description of our works. There you might also look up, which albums will wait for you during the next time.
We hope you enjoy listening.

Unfortunately we became victims of hackers and viren.
The good news are, that our website is protected of our web space supplier and the virus was deactivated immediately.
So nobody should be harmed by visiting our homepage, if it happened, we are absolutely sorry.
The bad news for you are, that everything is retarding and you have to be patient, until there are better news.

February 2014

As promised, now, you may watch the video to
“Camera Obscura”
taken by the album
“Confessions (from the deep)”
You can find it in our music rubric under videos, but also at the most important online video portals, soon.
Furthermore, we are working onve more on our homepage, because some small indication errors stole in.
Enjoy yourself while watching the video.

music video: Camera Obscura


January 2014

We wish you a happy and healthy year 2014.

We are still celebrating our anniversary, so we plan to give musically insides of our older works.
Further, we will have a new video for you, soon.
And, of course, we will keep informing you about all news.
So, this year, it is the same, again: Keep visiting us now and then.

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