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December 2011 - News IV

The longest night - it begins...

Today, the 21.12, it is the longest night of the year - midwinter - and the beginning of the “Rauhnächte”.
As already known, today starts our Rauhnacht - ghost-writing - competition.
You got time till the last Raunacht, the 6.1.2012 23:59 o'clock, to send us your own, spooky ghost story via email and automatically take part in a CD-raffle.

Besides, we want to thank very, very, very cordial for the great help of all, who had supported us energeticly during the last time.
Especially nowadays it is nice to know, that there are still people, doing things for the fun of it, for kindness and helpfulness for other people.

And at last we everybody wish merry Christmas and a happy new year.

December 2011 - News III

On 10.12.2011 our band was honored with a very nice article at the Frankenpost.
We want to thank the author Denise Franz, who has reported about us very affectionate and detailed.
We wish her and the whole Frankenpost-team a beautiful Advent season.
You may read the article in the rubric press.
Alternative you find the article on www.frankenpost.de, too.

You can listen to our songs and to an interview on different radios soon.
We will announce it here when and where.

sun, moon and stars

Ghost story writing competition

December 2011 - News II

Rauhnacht - Ghost Stories - Competition

On the occasion of the release of our Album
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”,
which is about the legendary meeting of poets at the Lake Geneva, where Lord Byron started a competition in writing ghost stories, we want to do the same as the great poets.

As we had not have a spoilt summer like 1816, we took the time of the “Rauhnächte“ between midwinter and epiphany as occasion to invite you to a competition.
At this time, especially on New Year's Eve, the doors to the world of ghosts are open.
The souls of the dead and the ghosts walk on earth.

Your exercise will be writing a short ghost story.
We do not give you any fences, but we ask for classical spooky stories, so please no Science-Fiction or similar.

All stories sent in via email together with your name between 21.12.20011 0:00 o'clock and 6.1.2012 23:59 o'clock , will be shown on our site, of course only one per participant.
We only keep the right not to publish pornographic, extremist, inhuman, violence glorifying and plagiarizing works.

If you take part, you guarantee, that you have the copy right and that you give us the not exclusive right to publish the story and the name of the writer solely on our website. (Not exclusive means, you permit us to publish the story here but reserve all rights.)

The three best stories, chosen of us, get following prices:

1. Place - two signed albums
(1x “1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
and 1x “Confessions (from the deep)”)
2. Place - one signed album
(“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”)
3. Place - one signed album
(“Confessions (from the deep)”)

We will contact the winners after the competition.
Other ways are impossible.

So raise your ghosts an banish them to digital paper.
We wish a happy gloomy time, many ideas an creativity and we are looking forward to your ghost stories.

December 2011 - News I

The Blacksins - Santa clause is coming!

As already reported last week, we take part at the advent-raffle of www.blacksins.de.
There will be presented presents irregularly beginning with the 1.12.2011.
Every one has the chance to take part at the raffle to get the present of the day.
There will be something for anyone, a dark-motley mix, sometimes a little bit smaller, sometimes a little bit bigger.
Among the surprises will also be one
“Confessions (from the deep)”
“1816 - a psychedelic darkwave opera”
to win.
All information about the advent calendar activity can be found on www.blacksins.de.
The best would be looking there every day and get surprised.
Good luck and a happy pre-Christmastime.

advent candle

Taubenflügel - dove wings

November 2011 - News III

Vote and win!

As already reported, our track “Dr. Darwin” from
our album “1816” is on the compilation Nr. 75 of newest “Orkus - Magazin” (winter 2011/2012).
If you like the song, we ask you to vote for it at the Orkus-Homepage:
Everyone, who votes there, takes part in a raffle.
The winner will get a CD of Orkus.

Furthermore we want to point to our profile
where you can vote for the “Neue-Band-Award”.
The newcomer bands on this site are brought forward and the degree of popularity of the “best” newcomer will be augmented by an interview and advertisings on their site.

Besides we will take part at the Advent-Calendar-Activity of www.blacksins.de. This means, you can win great things during December, amongst others there will be two of our CDs. There will be more information about this next week.

November 2011- News II

We are glad to tell you,
that our new album
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
and our first album
“Confessions (from the deep)”
are on the market now.
You may read where to get them in the rubric buy.

Furthermore our track “Dr. Darwin” of the new album “1816”
is on the Compilation of the newest Orkus-magazine issue winter 2011/2012.

Additionally we want to call
attention to the online-gothic-magazine
www.madgoth.de, which reported
about our band on 13.11.2011.
Alternative you may read the article in our new rubric presse .
We want to thank
Jermaine Belgardio of MadGoth,
who wrote the article and allowed the use on our site, very, very much.


psycho-skull with candle

November 2011 - News I

On the occasion of the coming releases of our
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera” and
“Confessions (from the deep)”
there are now two complete tracks of each album in our rubric music.

And we renewed our homepage, because there were so many new pages added during the last time and ever so slightly the clearness was lost.
So we put all sub pages to the navigation, so you can access directly.
We hope our homepage is now more structured and clearer.

October 2011

The release date of our albums
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera” and
“Confessions (from the deep)”
is coming closer.
So we started a photo shooting and now we present the most beautiful pictures in our category band.
You find a link to our small picture gallery there.
Alternatively you may watch the photos directly here or by clicking on the picture on the right side.
All pictures were taken of our long-time friend and all-rounder Ralf Bosch, who supported our band actively all the time.
At this point we want thank him very much for the great pictures and his long lasting loyalty.

band photos

Confessions and 1816 now available

September 2011

Our first double-album “Confessions (from the deep)” will be on the market and available as download on the 11.11.2011 .

And exactly one week later on the 18.11.2011 dour newest work (an double-CD, too) “1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera” will see the light of day.

You may reserve both albums now on Amazon and JPC.

Detailed information, where to get the albums, are found here.

Furthermore we celebrate a small jubilee with this announcement, because now our website is online since exactly one year.
We want to thank the almost 4000 visitors, we could welcome on our site during this period.

August 2011

Now, the design of our albums
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
and “Confessions (from the deep)”
is finally done.
At the moment the CDs are produced.
We will announce the release date here during the next few weeks and tell you, which dealers and download portals will sell the albums.
Furthermore we refreshed our rubric links.
You find there some band portals with lots of musicians and events, and a gothic radio with an forum for the black scene.

gloomy skull


July 2011

The release of our albums
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
and “Confessions (from the deep)”
comes to its decisive phase.
Soon the CDs will be on the market and on the current download portals.
They will come out on the record label Timezone, which is exacting novelty away from mainstream and supports us actively in production and marketing.
We are looking forward to our cooperation.
Now, we welcome Timezone-Records in our category links.
We recommend to take a look on their homepage,
which offers lots of different artists and styles of music.

June 2011

Finally done!
In the future our double-albums
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
and the predecessor
“Confessions (from the deep)”
will be obtainable here.
Indeed, at the moment we are still working on the design of the two 20-page booklets, which is quite an effort and takes much time, but we will announce the date of release, soon. We are glad, that our albums will finally after a long time see the light of day, and now we offer you the opportunity to reserve a non-binding place on a pre-order list, because each double-album will come out in a limited edition of 500 pieces.
If you are interested, just send us an email with your
name, address, telephone number, email,
which and how many CDs to
info [at] die-biomechanik.com.
We will send you a message with information about further processing directly after release.


A new glowing on the music sky

May 2011

A little bit retarded by the work, the band causes at the moment, finally the news for the month may.
We are glad to welcome a new band in the category links, especially, because the band comes from our home town.
German Doom metal of best quality reminding on the classics of this sector and rising above the current doom metal scene by an artistic and experimental manner, this might be the best description of the style of Cosmic Wasteland.
We wish much success for their creative works and want to thank for the quiet back-link.

April 2011

The work on an new album began.
The foundation stone was laid, a new idea was born and now a very long time lies before us, which will lead us first deeper and deeper in the life and the works of someone else and later to new musical dimensions and other realms of sounds.

It is to early to tell too much. Only that much should be said:

This project will be the finale our long-planed trilogy about writers, thinkers and poets, who reached gloomy, spooky worlds by opium and enormous intellectuality.

The last one will be one of the greatest writers of the 19th century, who became famous all over the world by his oppressive stories and fascinating poems and who still inspires current horror authors.

skull mushroom

Rosenmüllerhöhle with candles

March 2011

Now you find suggestions of interesting websites in our rubric links.
On the one hand you will find links to friendly musicians, but also to other pages worth seeing, soon.
Further on, you may contact us via email, if you have a beautiful, and of course completely serious site and you are interested in two-way linking.

February 2011

You may listen to our albums “Confessions” and “1816”
in the rubric music, by now.

Because both works are double-albums with very long length, we are only able to present you short parts of the many tracks.
Sure, this will not represent the complexity of the total work of art, but they may convey a small impression of our electronic, musical producing.

Further on we want to thank our fans for their praise and the very positive critics on our homepage.

a drop of blood


January 2011

You can listen to songs on trial in our rubric music.
Soon you will find there more listening examples there.
By now the most important works on our homepage are finished. Besides the music, you find information about our band and our works.

For more information and questions feel free to contact us by writing an email.

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