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December 2016

You may buy our albums
„1816 - a spychedelic dark wave opera”
„Confessions (from the deep)”
in our Online Shop together for unbeatable
15 €, now.
Furthermore we'll pay the german shipping costs for you.
This offer applies to german customers until 31.01.2017.
If you are not living in Germany, please contact us and we will hopefully find a solution.

Additionally, our pages are now SSL encrypted and therefore more secure.
Until now, there were no problems, but, especially for the shop, it is a good thing.

We wish you wonderful Christmas Days.

special offer

Biomechanik skull

September 2016

There were some more changes.
Now it should not only be possible to watch our site on smaller screens, but presently it should look as nice as you are used to.
We made a sitemap for a better overview about all sites of our homepage.
The next thing we are going to do, except finishing our new album, is concerning our shop. Very rewarding offers will await you next month.
More information will follow later.

August 2016

We are very sory, that you had not heard of us for such a long time, but we were very busy.
Thank you very much for your patience.

We revised all of our websites and are hoping there are no errors on all kinds of mobile devises left. If anyone still has a problem, please contact us.
Furthermore, we moved a large step forward and are almost finished with the composing of the new Album.

Because the big construction site “homepage” is finished, we can pay more attention to you again and will think about some new surprises soon.
But until then, we wish you a nice summer holiday.

Die Biomechanik


January 2016

We wish you a happy and healthy new year!

Of course, we have planed some things for this year, too. But at first, you still have the opportunity to listen to our New Year's Eve album
Darkly New Year
or to load it down for free.

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