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December 2015 - II

While Glöckchen is still working on the mysterious, new album, Dr. Dan had the time to make a slightly different New Year's Eve score
“Darkly New Year”
for you.

From now on, you may listen to the album, read the story or load it down with cover.

We hope, you enjoy listening and
we wish you a happy new year.

album cover: Darkly New Year

Merry Christmas

Dezember 2015 - I

We wish you wonderful Christmas Days.

This year, you will get our present after buying fireworks
on 29.12.15.

Merry Christmas.

November 2015

We are working hard on a new
Christmas surprise for you.
So, you have to be patient for a short while.
While you are waiting, you may
listen to our music.

We wish you a mery and pensive
pre-christmas time.

snow crystals

album cover: Ausflug ins Verderben

October 2015

Retarded by a long-lasting disease, at last here are the news, which actually should came out in September.
But now, you may listen to our first soundtrack.
We could make the musical setting of the film
“Ausflug ins Verderben”
for the film project of a day-nursery.

You find the soundtrack in the music rubric and the background information about the film at the works.

We were very glad to work on a soundtrack and the work was very pleasant to us. We hope you like the music and that we will once again get the opportunity to work on a film.

August 2015

We hope, you have memorized our song texts.

We are very happy to have surprised Radio Magic Firebird with greetings for their birthday
There you can listen to our music, too.

Furthermore, we have updated our link rubric.
It is a pity that interesting sites vanish from time to time, at least there are also joining new sites.

Die Biomechanik on air

album cover: 1816

June 2015

Some of you may already thought of:
Now, you may read the song texts of
„1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”,
You can find them in the work rubric or here.
We hope, you enjoy reading.

May 2015

Additionally to the work on our homepages, we had to work on our shop and so it took a little bit longer, than we thought.
But now, at last, everything ist ready.
There is one inovation for you:
You may now read the song texts of our album
„Confessions (from the deep)”.
You find them in the work rubric or here.
We guess, you will be occupied for some time.
We hope you enjoy it and we can welcome you here again, soon, for new surprises.

album cover: Confessions

Free shipping costs on JPC

March 2015

You have the opportunity to order our albums
„Confessions (from the deep)” and
„1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
free of shipping cost on jpc until 22.03..

At the moment, we are working on our homepage, because of some little faults managed to get in, and we hope to present the finished sites, soon.
So keep looking in from time to time, there will be more news, soon.

January 2015

We wish you a happy new year.

We are going to think of some surprises for you, this year, too.
Because there was so much to listen to last year, soon there will something more to read.
Furthermore we want to extend our video section and, of course, we are still working diligently at
our new album. Soon, you will get more information about it.

We hope, you keep enjoying, what we present here. If you may nevertheless have suggestions, criticism or
wishes, just write us, or evaluate our music and videos at one of the many platforms you find in our link rubric.


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