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December 2013

As Christmas present for you, this year, we remastered our early album
which was created at our ten years band anniversary.

To celebrate our fifteenth band birthday you may listen to the whole album or load it down free of charge complete with cover until 6.1.2014.

Further we want to thank cordially our helpers, fans, friends and relatives.

We wish merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you.

November 2013

It has been a while, since you heard of us and, unfortunately, we still have to put you off.
Because of a long lasting disease everything we planned is retarding.
Of curse, it will go on, but you have to stay patient.
But there will be another time.
Nevertheless, we have got a Christmas surprise for you.
So keep visiting, it will worth the effort.

We wish everyone a beautiful pre-Christmastime.


15 years

October 2013

15 years Die Biomechanik

Our band exists for a long time, now, and we are proud of all, what we have achieved up to now.
Everything started 15 years ago with three short stories, which were set to music.
Through the years, we kept the connection to literature as well as the picture-like musical setting, nevertheless, luckily much has happened, especially concerning technical equipment and recording quality.

To celebrate this, on the one hand we have redesigned our homepage once again and on the other hand, our both CDs
“Confessions (from the deep)”
“1816 - a psychedelic darkwave opera”
are available at our shop Shop until 30.11.2013
together for 15 €.

September 2013

During the last time, not much has happened on our homepage, but this will change very soon, because we will celebrate our
15th band anniversary
in October.
Therefore, of course, we work again on many surprises for you, to which you may look forward.
But we will not tell more at the moment, but nevertheless, we want to give you a tip:
It is worthwhile to look here more often during the next months.

15 years Die Biomechanik

online shop opening

August 2013

It took some time, but today opens the
Die Biomechanik Online-Shop.

To celebrate the opening, our albums will be sold especially cheap until September 1st.

Until now, our range is kept into a limit, but, time by time, we will be expanded.
Of course, we will keep you up to date.

July 2013

We work on our online shop at full speed and we are glad to tell you, that, finally, almost everything is ready.
Starting on 14.08.2013, you will be able to obtain our albums directly from us and, of course, to celebrate the opening, for favourable special prices.

online shop opening

Die Biomechanik

June 2013

For everyone, who wants to know more about the story of our albums
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
“Confessions (from the deep)”
we have described the background information, we used for our texts, more detailed.
From now on, you find these texts at the other information about the two works.

May 2013

Some dead links were accumulated in our link rubric, so that we sorted out.
The started work, we talked about last time, could not be finished, because of illness.
But, of course, we keep on working.
We apologize for the retarding and ask you for a little more patience.
There will be something new, soon.

skull with psycho candle

Der Wartende

April 2013

We work on our new album at full speed. The concept has already been finished some time ago and by now, all lyrics were put down in writing. Now we are composing industriously.
The work on a new video is in progress, this time to our first album “Confessions”.
Furthermore, we are happy about our online shop opening its doors soon. For that we are working industriously, too.
So it is still worthwhile, if you look in from time to time.

March 2013

From today on, as promised, the video to
“Das Empfinden”
of our current album
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
is online.
You find it on our homepage, of course, in the rubric music under videos,
but also at the most important video portals as Youtube, for example.

We want to thank Ramona Löffler very cordially for her great collaboration.

Enjoy yourself while watching the video.

Memorys about Augusta

Die Biomechanik

February 2013

Today, we can tell you, that you do not have to wait much longer for the music video of our current album
“1816 - a psychedelic dark wave opera”
As usual, we want to surprise you. This is why, we will not tell too much at the moment, so just visit us again from time to time.

January 2013

We wish you a happy new year!

By now, our present campaign is finished, so we put the information about the album
“Through the realm of eternal darkness”
into the rubric
Works - Unreleased
for the moment.

Further, we are happy, that our link section grows and grows. This time, we want to introduce the page
There, you find new offers, specials and bargains from the music and listening-book sector on this page. Additionally you get to know backgrounds of bands and, as the title already tells, where you can load down your favorite songs legally.


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