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Spring 2018

Finally, die Biomechanik has arrived in the "Alterwürdigen" Richard Wagner "Metropole" and, just as King Ludwig at his time, nearly mad.
Caused by the terrorism of our neighbours we are searching for a new "Wohnung" and a place for our "Ton"studio, where we can work "ungestört". We hope, that we can solve this problems soon, to restart te production of our new album, "endlich".
Besides we restructure our web sites step by step.
We are looking forward to the celebration of our twentieth anniversary at the end of the year. Until then, we recommend to sift through our well-stuffed music rubric or watch our youtube profile.
So revisit us from time to time and you won't miss the news and planned special offers in our online shop.

P.S.: Best regards to Cosmic Wasteland: We are back!!!

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